Tuesday, February 01, 2011

His Promises

1. God has made an everlasting covenant with you.
2. God has defeated the enemy who is against you.
3. God has released you from those things that have a hold on you.
4. God has provided His comfort for you when you are in sorrow.
5. God has healed your broken-heart.
6. God has ended your shame and disgrace.
7. God has given you a joy that will last forever.
8. God has saved you from all that would harm you.

"For it is He (Jesus) who is the "Yes" to all of God`s promises. This is why through Jesus Christ our "Amen" is said to the glory of God."
2 Corinthians 1:20, GNB

Are you taking the ownership of Sonship?

Fear not... :D

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year's resolution - 2011

What I want to see in 2011 -

1. Growing deep in God's word & closer to Him day by day.
2. Seeing ministries (all areas) to grow
3. God, expand my capacity & lengthen my cord...
4. Lose weight (which means more exercise!!!) psss... perhaps reduce 10kg? Teehee...
5. Confidence, i need you more in my life ;)
6. A brand new mobile perhaps? (is about time, don't you think so?)
7. A Notebook ( will not be too greedy to ask for MAC, but a normal want will do... )
8. New shoes (old must be thrown away so that the new want can come in)
9. A new spectacles (mao tukar specs baru bah~)
10. Great saving (God, help me in this area...)
11. Holiday-holiday trips
12. Family members to stay healthy (young & old; big & small)
13. Hmmmmm...perhaps...is it the time yet for _______ ?

Lord, help me to prepare myself for item #13...to wait upon You & seek you earnestly for that particular... and of coz... Bless my family...friends...& myself too...

Thank you...


A Letter with love.

Dear Ms.Bling-bling,

Hello, it really has been a while we're really sit down & talk with each other from heart-to-heart... so what's really going inside you Ms.Specky has no clue at all.

Recently Ms.Specky has heard a lot of news about you, dear Ms.Bling-bling and the sad thing is when Ms.Spekcy asked you about it...you seems to said "fine"..."nothing bah"...

(okay...will just refer Ms.Bling-bling as Ms.B while Ms.Specky as Ms.S ||ewww...sounds cacat anyway|| as there's too much to type :P )

Recently what Ms.B, you had posted in a thing call as Fa-Ce-Buk sounds very emo...sounds so so sad & angry & bitterness...but all these are posted while you're not around. Ms.S was actually doubt that what on earth is happening to Ms.B all the while...asked said nothing...dun ask the face mcm bittergourd...all day always msg-msg...look at the phone...and the phone...and the phone...

Are you waiting for someone's msg? Have you really surrender all your problems to Him? Based on your situation & all things that you posted...It seems that you, Ms.B has not really surrender everything to our "taiko" but putting back on to yourself again... & is burden... you know?

Please...don't commend anything that sounds so emo & negative again, Ms.B coz Ms.S really worried about you...not only she...but others too who are also loving you...  There's more to write actually but I think should put a stop here...

Ms.S would like to also say a word of apologize to Ms.B for the harsh words that was spoken lately as well as the actions that caused Ms.B un-easy...would you forgive her?

Last but not least, please take care over there & always read God's word... Take care.


-------------------- END -----------------------

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2011!!!

YeongYing will try more often to blog better than 2010!!! *trying*

Nway... ......  ....... ..........

-.-""  I'm speechless...!!!

more to come within these few days...i need some inspiration~ *huuuu-haaaa...huuuuu-haaaa*


Saturday, June 05, 2010

#23 - New gadjet in mind

I'm falling in-luv wit ya~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canon EOS 550D

Price range : RM2,799~RM3,888

Awwwww... when only can I hold ya~!!!!

photography, videography, graphic & interior designing... now i know all these are inter-related with each other ^^

Thursday, June 03, 2010

#22 - John 14:27

I am leaving you with a gift -
peace of mind and heart.
And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.
So don't be troubled or afraid.
John 14:27

As I was sorting out my table, I saw this verse on ODJ (Our Daily Journey with God) front cover... To me, is like a assurance from God to me asking me not to worried, afraid & troubled by everything that is going on... Lean on Him & He will give me peace of mind and heart... Thank you, Father for this verse :)

I shall not be afraid of the journey ahead & the changes that is about to take place in ministries!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

#21 - A Perfect Match

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
make me a match;
Find me a find,
catch me a catch.
Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
look through your book,
And make me a perfect match.

Impotant Character Qualities : some traits to look for in others as well as develop in yourself/myself
1.  Humility & Willingness To Serve
2.  Sexual Purity
3.  Devotion To Christ
4.  Right Priorities
5.  Right Beliefs
6.  Commitment To The Church
7.  Loving Attitude
8.  Self-Control
9.  Honesty
10. Beauty Below The Skin
11. Responsibility
12. Good Relationship With Parents

It Is Love?
How do you know if you're in love? True love is more than a sensation - though you may feel on top of the world when you are with the one you love; but feelings can lead you up on a mountain one day and down in a valley the next.
The kind of love we need in order to enter a marriage fully prepared, "for better or worse, for richer or poorer,.. till death us do part," is a love that is self-sacrificing --- a giving of oneself for the sake of the other.

#20 - A Great Escape

Weee~!!!!!!  I had lots of fun on Friday!!!

Went to Pulau Manukan with Arthur, Derek, Randy, Wilkins & Valerie on Fri, it was a public holiday as that day Wesay Day.

1st of all, wana giv a BIG CLAP (Clap!) to Randy Chok for organizing this island-trip. Still remembered his expressions & worries when planning the trip on Tuesday nite, but after all, it was very well done, Randy!!! Please organized again next time ya, fren...hehehehe

That Day:
Went to the port at bout 10minutes before 11am...thought was late tapi early pulak~ The person who was late was Derek Wong!! At the meantime waiting for him, I met an old colleague - Tony Wong & 1 old class mate - Ang Tian Hua!!! Woow... not bad...not bad..worth waiting lar~ Hahahhaha...
Arrived at pulau bout noon...many people, people mountain people sea ...that's de word to describe... Had some fun there - taking pictures, playing sands, snookering, banana-boat riding... etc... I din join for the banana-boat ride coz I promised myself that I WILL NOT GET WET & yes... i did it!!! So... am the photographer on that day particularly... liking it~  And Oh... saw a few "ang-mo" who kinda nice looking ^^ sayang tiada ambil gambar..sigh~

Back to land bout 4plus... and thank God that during the whole trip, it didn't rain at all...it only started to rain when we're approaching the mainland... isn't God is good~!!!

Nex destination - Lintas Yoyo... hav like croissant feast like that =.="" but it was tasty lar~
Surviving crew - All

Next - Suria KK , surviving crew - Derek, Wilkins & me
Basically I was the one demanded for a walk. U see... when we finish our yoyo drinks...it was oredi 6plus and plan to have dinner at 7:30pm... WHAT!!! Cannot...cannot... must at least go for a walk 1st then baru go makan...
Valerie & Arthur couldn't join along from then on :(  Oh well... there will be a NEXT time!

Dinner - Bah Kut Teh at town ; Derek, Wilkins, Randy & mua
They said it was the most famous bah-kut-teh in kay-kay...forgot de name d =.= it was ok-ok for me :P 
p/s: learn how to eat pig-tail!!! Hahahahah... thanks to Randy!

Finale - Cock & Bull, Waterfront
 Oh yea... Actually it was my second time step into this place... the last time was like 5-6 yrs bck... well... proof that this place is happening coz it still standing tall & wat more...more franchise eh...
Had a great time there listening to live-band & wit a glass of cocktail. We had these drinks - Graveyard (=.="") Cock & Bull, Long Island, Shooters & a bottle of beer...who & who order wat? Blek... u guess lar...
The keyboardist was my favorite on tat nite coz he is cool man... can sing from Robbin William's song ----> Bryan Adam ----> Ronan Keating!!!  These ppl are all different pitch & style but tat man... he is SOoOoooo geng lor!!
Favourite song of that nite - When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating... I heart this song Sooooo Ooo much since the 1st day i heard it... the guitar string...melody & vocal - Brilliant!!!  It could melt my heart seriously~!!! :P

Hehehhe... we call de day off aft the final song dedicated to us - When You Say Nothing At All... 

p/s - guys, can we go there again...can we...can we.... x) (my usual begging style to certain ppl... xD )

Thanks ppl... it was a GREAT NITE I shall repeat again... luv you guys lots!!!!  ^-^v

Actually these last two photos I google it...
and...actually... we took many-many -many pichass... but are all in our dear Nikon Cam - master Wilkins 
So... have to wait lar~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

#19 - Step Out

Changes & Shifting lately in mua's life...

Some people get caught in it and couldn't come out...some pressing on and move on...some just totally give up...
Whatever it may be, one thing to be SURE...
Jesus is with Me & You!!!

Don't loss hope, my dear friends...
If you're confuse & doubt...
Always remember the First Love; where only you personally had the encounter with Him

Pray... is what we need now...
Personal problems...excuses... etc leave it aside now...
Let's pray together in unity
For our country, our community, our loves one & church


______   _______  ______

"Ying... is about time to move on"  :)